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PLEASE NOTE: We specialise in administration deals for writers who are already making royalties around the world and need help collecting them. We do not sign writers who are not already generating substantial royalties. If the former applies to you, and you would like to be in touch with us, please don't send unsolicited material as email attachments or to our registered office. We don't open unsolicited attachments or mail items and therefore ask that you only send a Spotify or Soundcloud (or similar) link or a website address. If it's something we want to talk further about with you, we'll email you back. Thanks for your co-operation.

For licensing requests and administration queries contact:

Liz Riches

No Spam, Thank You Ma'am - liz at candidmusicpublishing dot com  

REGISTERED OFFICE:C/O The McCay Partnership,CR2 OBS,United Kingdom.

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