Tara Jane O'Neil

  • Tara Jane O'Neil

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, painter and alchemist of captivating hypnotic music, Tara Jane O'Neil has released music over the last decade as both a solo artist and as part of various collaborations and bands. A founding member of the seminal band Rodan, her work as a solo artist has spanned four previous LPs. An accomplished visual artist, Tara Jane's paintings have been exhibited worldwide and published in two books. O'Neil's fifth solo album, A Ways Away, is released by K Records on May 5th 2009.


"Ever since she first began putting her name on the front of her albums, Tara Jane O'Neil has perfected the art of writing songs that perfectly encapsulate both the comfort of misery and the misery of comfort. Tara Jane O'Neil is at the height of her creative powers and 'In Circles' is a confident document of her strengths"

"As a former member of Rodan, she cut her teeth in one of the seminal outfits that, along with Slint, effectively defined post-rock. 'In Circles' proves that a great artist only improves with time."
Tiny Mix Tapes




Mr Lady (2003)

You Sound, Reflect

Quarterstick (2004)


Preservation (2005)

In Circles

Preservation (2006)

A Ways Away

K Records (2009)