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Bergen based Norwegian artist Sissy Wish released her debut album 'You May Breathe' in 2004. The album went on to become one of the most acclaimed debut albums ever released in Norway, with 6/6 reviews in almost all newspapers and magazines. Following the release of her follow-up album less than a year afterwards, Sissy Wish won Best Artist at the Norwegian Grammy Awards. Her third album 'Beauties Never Die' marked a change in direction from her acoustic beginnings. Garnering another Grammy nomination, the record is a bold statement of electronica arrangements, ultra-catchy melodies and beats that lead your feet directly to the dancefloor.


"Sissy Wish is near perfect"
Stylus Magazine

"Startlingly brilliant."
Drowned in Sound



You May Breathe

Tuba (2004)

Tuning In

Tuba (2005)

Beauties Never Die

BMG / SissyMusic (2008)